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   Today there are many Native People who walk among you, but there are just as many if not more who will represent themselves to you as such. There are those who will tell you that the old ways are lost, so therefore they have taken it upon themselves to present the ways as they think they might have been.
   They will hold "spiritual sweats" and attribute them to cultures where no such thing was done. They will hold pow-wows and lay out their Circle to entertain you, but much of their representation amounts to little more than a mockery of the People. These things are a disgrace to the Ancestors. You won't find many, if any, Native People in attendance at their events either.

   Not only do these abusers of our Cultures walk amongst you, they clutter the web with pages of their mockery. Attempting to not only steal from our People, but also to rob the unsuspecting who stumble upon their Sites.

   The ways of the People are not lost, but remain in the words of the Elders. They won't tell you who they are..... you will know Them by their walk. Their walk is not a religion, nor is it something that lasts for a weekend, theirs is a way of life. You will not see them fashioned in feathers and beads on a daily basis because those times have past. They will tell you that the old ways of life were hard, just like they are today. You will not have to ask questions, ......for if you listen, your questions will be answered.

   Most of the Native People you will meet today are just as much a part of the mainstream as you are. They walk in the ways of the Ancestors, and carry that walk with pride. You will find most them to be quiet and truthful.... you will know them by their walk.

   I have tried to keep the links on this page in keeping with these thoughts, though some do not. I hope that your time here will allow you to find a better understanding of the People.

   I do not intend to offend with my words, but an Elder once told me - when something said annoys you, perhaps it is something you really need to hear....

Charles Buffalo
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